Source code for pynvim.api.tabpage

"""API for working with Nvim tabpages."""
from pynvim.api.common import Remote, RemoteSequence

__all__ = ('Tabpage')

[docs]class Tabpage(Remote): """A remote Nvim tabpage.""" _api_prefix = "nvim_tabpage_" def __init__(self, *args): """Initialize from session and code_data immutable object. The `code_data` contains serialization information required for msgpack-rpc calls. It must be immutable for Buffer equality to work. """ super(Tabpage, self).__init__(*args) = RemoteSequence(self, 'nvim_tabpage_list_wins') @property def window(self): """Get the `Window` currently focused on the tabpage.""" return self.request('nvim_tabpage_get_win') @property def valid(self): """Return True if the tabpage still exists.""" return self.request('nvim_tabpage_is_valid') @property def number(self): """Get the tabpage number.""" return self.request('nvim_tabpage_get_number')